As cable television continues to falter, and customers cut the cord for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go, Playstation Vue and literally dozens of others, things have become ironically complex when it comes to sitting down to just watch you favorite shows.

Caavo, a new, wood-grained $399 device that is launching this fall, is aiming to make our streaming futures as easy as just saying what you want.

Something like, “Alexa, tell Caavo to show House of Cards.”

Right now, say you want to watch House of Cards for a bit. Turn on your Netflix-compatible device, turn on your TV, switch to that device’s HDMI input, find House of Cards on Netflix, figure out where you left off if it didn’t properly save it and then begin watching.

It’s a process that’s become much more complex than just changing channels.

Caavo combines an HDMI switch with software that talks to your entertainment apps along with Alexa voice assistant compatibility to make your entertainment needs a lot more simple. It even remembers which shows you watch, where you left off and where to find it, a major step forward from currently dumb universal remote systems that just take what you want and blast a series of infrared commands at your devices. Caavo also acts as a USB and Ethernet switch in case your devices, like, say a PlayStation 4, need internet access.

It will also come with a basic touch remote if you want to keep it old school. It’s pretty future-proof, too: 4K video support, 8 HDMI ports, IR blaster, USB, and Alexa support. They even say Google Home is coming soon.