If you follow games at all, you’ve probably heard of many of them being compared to Dark Souls, that tough series of medieval-ish sword-and-sorcery action games in which enemies are tough and bosses are tougher. In fact, Dark Souls has become so prevalent as a point of comparison that even things that came out before it—and things that aren’t video games at all—have been described as being “the Dark Souls” of whatever they are.

The YouTube brainiacs at The Idea Channel delve into the concept that Dark Souls defines even things that predate it in the video above. It works through what makes Dark Souls so quintessentially Dark Souls that other things can be the Dark Souls of things like movies, books or video game genres. What is it about Dark Souls that makes it stand out so much? As The Idea Channel puts it, basically, Dark Souls is a perfect confluence of factors that make up a specific experience that’s focused on “tough but fair” difficulty, and, uh, dying.

Fire up the video and expand your brain a bit and see how Dark Souls can compare to stuff like the works of Kafka. Then dive into Dark Souls and start analyzing the Souls-ian experience of your own existence. Or whatever.