The Internet is an enormous and confusing place. There’s so much content and it’s so easy to get lost in the mess. However, there is always a couple of things that will shine through. Cats, for instance, pretty much dominate the Internet. Two other things that will always get attention are nice cars and nice looking women. Luckily for us, this video features both of the latter!

Well, that’s one sure-fire way to get views. I’m not sure if this is an ad for a car dealership or maybe a dating website or who knows what. All I care about is the fact that it exists! It’s like one of those pin-up magazines come to life! The only other thing I know about this video is that it comes from Lithuania. So, to recap, the only three things I now know about Lithuania is the fact that they have gorgeous women, the fact that they have sweet cars, and the fact that they gave us Arvydas Sabonis.

Here are some screenshots from the clip, just in case you weren’t quick enough on that pause button:

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