If you have any sense of adventure, you were at New York Comic Con participating in a Deadpool flash mob this weekend instead of paying attention to entertainment news. Worry not, we’ll catch you up.

Box Office Tally: Gone Girl FTW once again

The hit Ben Affleck flick held onto the number one spot at the U.S. box office for the second week in a row. Gone Girl ticket sales dropped off less than expected, but one of the bigger surprises of the weekend was the sultry Lionsgate/Code Black release Addicted, based on the novel by romance writer Zane. Targeted primarily at African American audiences, the erotic drama debuted in a limited number of theaters with minimal fanfare yet still managed to rake in a respectable $8 million haul with a high per screen average thanks to targeted promotion.

(via Deadline and Variety)

David Bowie releases new single

Labyrinth’s Goblin King prepares for the launch of his upcoming greatest hits compilation Nothing Has Changed with the release of the jazzy, melancholy “Sue (Season of Crime).” Listen below and see if you don’t agree the cut sounds like a blue-collar Bond theme on Prozac – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

(via Billboard)

Bill Hader hosts *Saturday Night Live*

The lauded SNL alum returned home this weekend as sort of a victory lap for his critically-acclaimed film The Skeleton Twins (also starring former SNL‘er Kristen Wiig). Deadline notes that Hader’s return did nothing to slow the venerable show’s plummeting ratings this season — and that Hader’s episode is tied for the lowest rated episode ever. But those of us with more reasonable expectations got exactly that for which we had hoped. Hader revisited a number of the more memorable characters from his long stint on the show, including the awesomely chaotic “travel guru” Stefon – which worked almost as well as when Seth Meyers was his straight man: