We apologize if you clicked here looking for more news on Banksy’s capture. Here’s some stuff that actually did happen over the weekend.

Pitt’s Fury opens big
The Brad Pitt WWII vehicle Fury was the big winner at the box office this weekend, followed closely by the persistent Gone Girl. The former closed out its opening weekend just north of $23 million. There were notable triumphs in the niche film world as well with Michael Keaton’s Birdman and Dear White People bowing respectably.

(via Deadline)

Letterman fires the guy holding the cards
David Letterman fired his longtime “cue card boy” Tony Mendez from The Late Show this weekend. This minor, late night staff shake up might not strike you as particularly important. But devoted Letterman fans know that he frequently makes minor celebrities out of his staff and associates. Mendez has worked for Letterman for over 20 years – long enough to merit his own webseries and a chance to sit on the Late Show couch:

He was fired for physically assaulting one of Letterman’s writers the day following an argument between the two. Maybe he was pissed at still being labeled “cue card boy” at age 69.

(via Deadline)

Mr. Eko joins the cast of *Game of Thrones*
Actually, the actor’s name is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, but as the folks from the A.V. Club rather astutely point out, the name of his character on Lost is “way easier to pronounce and remember.” Akinnuoye-Agbaje will be joining GoT as a character that does not originate in any of George R.R. Martin’s lengthy tomes. But he’s clearly black, so chances are he’ll be visiting Westeros from somewhere exotic — the Summer Isles, perhaps?

(via Shadow and Act)