Developer Blizzard has been running a closed “beta” test of its upcoming shooter Overwatch for a few weeks now, with a small group of players getting a chance to blast away at each other while providing Blizzard with useful feedback about how the game runs before they have to release it to the wider public.

While some get to play, a lot of other folks hoping to get a load of Blizzard’s extremely impressive multiplayer shooter have been offered nothing but a chance to envy those lucky enough to receive a beta invite. Until this weekend, that is, when the floodgates holding back players will part, at least a little, and let many more into the game.

As explained in a blog post, the increase in players from Nov. 20 to 23 is so Blizzard can give its online servers for Overwatch a stress test—they’re going to fill them with players like they will be when the game launches this year, and see what problems crop up. That way, at least in theory, kinks created by a surge of people into the game won’t crash it and ruin the experience for everyone who actually pays for a copy of Overwatch.

That also means there’s a chance to get into the beta this weekend, which requires one of Blizzard’s accounts and some opting-in to potential beta testing. You can get the full rundown of how to sign up right here.