We still don’t have an actual trailer for the upcoming Michael Fassbender-starring movie adaptation of the time-traveling, bad guy-stabbing video game series Assassin’s Creed, but there is a bit of a new teaser available today for die-hard fans itching for something new from the film.

Back in December, the Twitter account for the movie posted a photo featuring the business card of one Alan Rikkin (played by Jeremy Irons), the fictional CEO of Abstergo Industries. Fans of the game series will recognize the Abstergo name—it’s the high-tech front company of the Templar Order, an evil secret society that’s looking to bring order to the world by ruling it.

Turns out, if you call the number featured on the card (it’s 646-845-9162), you’ll get Rikkin’s voicemail, with a message recorded by actor Jeremy Irons. In December, it was an out-of-office message saying Rikkin would be back on March 25. Call the number now and it’s a bit different, and includes a second, weirder message mentioning the “creed of our brotherhood.”

In the game series, the titular Assassins are another secret society who fight the Templars and believe in supporting peace in the world through freedom, and murdering bad folks. The “creed” of Assassin’s Creed is what is alluded to in the message. Since, in the game series, the modern Assassins are a small organization that does a lot of hacking against the Templars, it seems safe to assume this message is meant to play into that particular aspect of the fiction. Polygon made a recording of the message, if you want to hear it without bothering to punch a number into your phone.

It’s still not clear where the whole time travel aspect comes into play in the film—in the games, people in the present use a special machine to access the genetic memories of their ancestors and actually relive their assassiny exploits during the Crusades, the Renaissance, the age of pirates, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. That plot line might actually be pretty close to what the film is going for as well, given the hints we’ve seen so far about Abstergo and the rest of it.

Hopefully the film version will be a little less convoluted than the games, which get into ancient technology, Illuminati-like conspiracies, magic abilities, world-destroying solar flares, mind control, an alternate Adam and Eve story, and a god-like ancient race that somehow vanished almost without a trace. And that’s just in the first two games of nine (20 if you count side-stories and spinoffs).

Via Polygon