Parody videos usually do pretty well on YouTube. Whether it’s Weird Al, Lonely Island, or some other video producer, making a funny song/music video is a surefire way to get some attention. That’s exactly what Reda el-Fouly and her boyfriend Wael Elsedeki set out to do. They wanted to mock the sexualization of Western culture by making an absurdly over-sexualized music video as a statement. There’s just one problem with that plan: they’re Egyptian. Egypt isn’t necessarily a country known for it’s care-free attitude and liberalism. Showing too much of your ankles can get you in trouble, let alone jiggling your boobs online for millions of people.

The video served its purpose, gaining over a million views quite quickly. Unfortunately, the higher ups caught wind of it and Reda was jailed for an entire year for “enticing debauchery”. That’s pretty disturbing, considering my entire career is essentially “enticing debauchery”. And for her boyfriend and co-star? Well, he fled the country to avoid being jailed. Not exactly your “ride or die” type, I guess. I’m sure that’ll be an awkward convo when she gets out in 12 months.