This story really grinds my gears. There’s nothing worse than being fired from a job just because you’re too attractive. I hate when this happens to me. It’s SO frustrating and annoying. Just because we’re stunningly beautiful and are therefore better than the rest of the population, it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the same employment opportunities as everyone else. This is just like that time they wouldn’t let me wear my ass-less chaps while working at Burger King. It’s not fair!

Eleonora Verbitskaya, I feel your pain. Eleonora WAS a bureaucrat at the Administrative Infringements Enforcement Office in St Petersburg, Russia. That is, until the higher ups at the office found out about her side gig, where she DJs under the name DJ Ellis Sexton. She also happens to wear very minimal clothes while DJing. Look, it’s a hard job. Plus those clubs and venues often get pretty hot and stuffy. Again, I do not blame her judgement.

Well, her boss apparently didn’t love her DJ set. The Daily Mail has the inside scoop as to why she was let go:

In footage shot outside her daily working hours, Eleonora is videoed during one of her DJ sessions in a barely-there outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

Eleonora, who goes by the stage name DJ Ellis Sexton, had been employed in a junior position at the office in St Petersburg, in north-western Russia, where she said her employers had told her they were happy with her work and that she was also already in line for a promotion at the bureau. But she turned up for work one day to find a note saying she was fired, which she said came out of the blue and was completely contradictory to the earlier promises of professional advancement.

And when she enquired as to why, she found the note had been passed on to her after her bosses found provocative pictures of her on the Internet taken to promote her DJ career.

Her lawyer Maxim Youshin said she was illegally dismissed for being “too sexy.”

Look, she may have lost her job with the government, but it may be a blessing in disguise. I see a bright future for her as a sexy DJ and Instagram sensation.

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