We thought the world famous three-boobed woman Jasmine Tridevil was gone for good after the media started to doubt whether or not her breast enhancements were real. And yes in response, we even documented a brief history of women with three breasts. And now Jasmine is back, but this time with an arrest profile reported by TMZ.

Jasmine was picked up in Tampa, Florida for suspicion of DUI on Monday morning. Her BAC levels were indeed twice the legal limit, where she blew both .180 and .178 in two tests. She’s currently in custody and is being held on a $500 bail. Jasmine blew up back in September 2014 when she reportedly spent over $20,000 on her breasts in order to secure a reality TV show with MTV. But it looks like the only show she’ll end up on is Cops. That would be one hell of an episode if you ask me.

Never forget.