Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, like Tina Fey’s previous series 30 Rock, is absolutely packed with details. The show’s tone is so specific and its worldbuilding so robust that it contains both Fred Armisen’s disturbing Robert Durst impression and Kimmy and Titus’ determination to keep collecting cassettes. That means everywhere you look you’ll find some kind of joke, even upon repeat viewing.

Fey herself has already appeared on the show several times, as a Marcia Clark-esque defense attorney in Season 1 and as Kimmy’s alcoholic therapist Andrea in Season 2. For the third season, though, she opted to take a more obscure route with her cameo. So she made herself into one of the show’s many Easter eggs. As she explained on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, the appearance is a very weird one.

“I was obsessed with this video of [1970s child actor Mason Reese] tapdancing on The Mike Douglas Show, because it’s just like the most pure, beautiful…like his little soul just, like, tapdancing,” Fey said. “I loved it so much that I dressed up as him for Halloween, which looked horrible because I’m clearly like a grown woman. It’s not cute.”

Upon seeing her unusual Halloween costume, Kimmy Schmidt’s writers talked Fey into dressing up as Reese again and appearing in some sneaky capacity on the show. In the clip below, Fey challenges viewers to try and find her bizarre Mason Reese look. Host Jimmy Fallon provides a helpful visual aide.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s third season premieres May 19 on Netflix, weird Tina Fey costume at all. For reference, here’s the original video Fey was obsessed with.