The hook-up app Tinder has resulted in over 8 billion “matches” since its 2012 launch, two billion of which occurred in the past month.

The astonishing claim was made by Tinder co-founder and president Sean Rad, who was speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“Meeting new people is something we all desire to do on a daily basis, but it is very difficult,” Rad said. “Tinder removes all the social barriers, all the psychological barriers with meeting someone.”

Rad went on to say the app now receives 1.4 billion swipes per day, which comes out to over 16,000 swipes per second. Of those swipes, around 300 matches are generated every second.

“As a company to operate on that kind of a scale is fascinating,” Rad said.

As the New York Post points out, one reason for the app’s astonishing growth is the fact that it has recently expanded into foreign markets and is now available in 159 countries. Another, more important reason for Tinder’s success is that people like to bang. But you won’t hear Rad admit that. He claims Tinder was designed to “cure human loneliness” rather than facilitate random sex.

“We have this ability to pick up so many nuances in photos,” Rad said. “There’s so much information in photos, that you actually get a better first impression on Tinder.”



Yeah, that’s a lot of nuance.

(Source: The New York Post, H/T: BroBible)

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