Want to heat up your love life as you heat up your leftovers? Tinder is here for you once again. A new study revealed that the number of people using the app spikes during Thanksgiving weekend. In 2015, the app received more than 2.3 billion swipes and made more than 17 million matches over the holiday weekend—23 percent more than an average weekend.

Some of the increase is probably due to users who need a break from their families, but there’s something innately appealing about a hometown hookup. Dr. Jess Carbino, a sociologist at Tinder, says, “People typically tend to be attracted to those with a similar demographic background—from age, occupation, education and more. Individuals who grow up in the same areas are more likely to have shared experiences, making home a great place for singles with similar values to connect.”

Tinder users in certain cities are more likely to benefit from the increased usage. The Baltimore area had the most Thanksgiving matches in 2015, followed by New York, Provo/Salt Lake City, Chicago and Boston. The biggest increase in matches over the long weekend happened in Detroit, Houston and Washington, D.C. God knows if we lived in our nation’s capital right now, we’d be swiping right like there’s no tomorrow.

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