Tinder has undoubtedly made getting laid a lot easier for millions of people. But still, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find sex partners without all that annoying swiping? Well, now there’s a way.

Introducing the True Love Tinder Robot, a machine designed to swipe Tinder profiles on your behalf.

An NYU grad student named Nicole He created the machine as a final project. Not only does it swipe for you, but it also determines which way to swipe based on your body’s “electrical conductance” (a.k.a. the sweat of your palms), taking all those annoying rational thoughts out of the equation.

“In a time when it’s very normal for couples to meet online, we trust that algorithms on dating sites can find us suitable partners,” He said. “Simultaneously, we use consumer biometric devices to tell us what’s going on with our bodies and what we should do to be healthy and happy. Maybe it’s not a stretch to consider what happens when we combine these things.”