If you thought your Tinder game was bad, just wait until you hear that the dating app has been secretly operating “Tinder Select” for special people only. According to Techcrunch, who obtained screenshots of the service, Tinder Select is a secret, hidden version of Tinder just for celebrities and those who “do well” on the service.

In short, it’s for really hot, rich and famous people. The chosen few can nominate new members (although nominated people can’t just nominate others, keeping the service’s exclusivity intact, because we don’t want any normies messing up that pretty party).

As for how it’s determined if you do well on Tinder, the service already keeps what they call a “Tinder Elo score,” which measures your digital dating game based on what’s described simply as “thousands and thousands” of criteria, probably otherwise known as swipes and your discretion when swiping others.

The screenshots acquired by TechCrunch show a private message inviting a user to Select that just says, “I’m inviting you to join Tinder Select, a members only community. To complete your invitation, tap here:” which goes to a hidden URL on Tinder’s site. It seems Tinder has since removed that signup page since news has gotten out about the VIP backroom.

Once part of the program, your Tinder app is updated with a switch that allows you to drop in and out of Select as you gauge your need to sink in and out of the unwashed masses. The service has reportedly been around for about six months, evidence that Tinder doesn’t have plans to announce the service publicly.

Tinder hasn’t made any comments on the leak just yet, but my guess is that their communications department is having a hell of a morning.