Tinder conquered the dating scene so hard that the phrase “Tinder date” began rivaling “first date” in everyday conversation. Now Tinder’s moving onto friendship—or some kind of curious, sexy group hybrid—by way of their new feature called Tinder Social. If you unlock Tinder Social, you can invite a Facebook friend (who also has Tinder) to hang out. But the twist is that you then start swiping left or right on groups and other individuals looking to hang.

In theory, it makes sense, since you could join up with like-minded partiers for concerts or pub crawls (or orgies), but there’s a pretty obvious catch here: Everyone then knows who’s using Tinder. It exposes your previously secret life of making the exciting rounds. So people are naturally less than enthused.

This sentiment isn’t new with the recent U.S. release. It was there when Tinder Social first test-launched in Australia back in April.

Tinder Social of course has immense value, if you’re looking to go out with larger groups, meet new people, and basically take your social life to the next level. Just be aware everyone on Tinder is going to know who else is using Tinder…and be ready for whatever the hell group Tinder is going to look like. Whoa.

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