Considering in 2012 the average monthly mortgage payments were yes, $1,445 dollars in California and $1,085 in Utah, packing up and selling everything sometimes sounds like a really fucking great idea. But how many people are willing to leave the rat race and live off the grid?

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison were more than willing, and they sold nearly 90% of their belongings to create this tiny house they like to call “hOMe”. It only cost $22,000 to create, and yes it actually is on wheels, enabling the couple to travel whenever and wherever they want. Mortgage free, the 207-square-foot home uses every inch of space in the smartest, most efficient way possible. From using a stair case as extra shelving to creating unique, comfortable loft spaces, check out how the couple created their dream home with as little money as possible.


Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at She would much rather be living in a yurt on the beaches of Fiji. Follow her on Twitter.