The holiday season is a time where you are going to spend a lot of money. Accept this reality, become comfortable with it, and realize that the holidays are expensive for everyone. That does indeed mean that the holidays are just as financially tumultuous for the waiters, tour guides, and taxi drivers of the world. So if you are feeling any legitimate holiday cheer at all, you will take the necessary steps to better guarantee great holidays for everybody. Fortunately for you, The New York Times gives a handy guide for proper tipping etiquette during the ever pricey holiday season. Three of the best tips are below, but to read the full article click here.

PEOPLE WHO RELY ON TIPS NEED A CHRISTMAS BONUS, TOO Just about everyone has a thinner wallet this season. Everybody needs a boost to buy the gifts that their kids and family members want. I mean have you seen how much an action figure costs these days? Not to mention any game system, which can get extremely pricey extremely fast. Some experts even recommend tipping around 25 percent, to show that you truly care about people receiving the proper holiday love.

TIP EVEN MORE ON THE ACTUAL HOLIDAY So you and the family decided to go see Rogue One and are all happy and joyful that you don’t have work and the kids don’t have school. But the guy who works at the AMC Dine-in Theater has to work this holiday, so think about throwing him some more cash. Or if you are staying in a hotel that has hospitality staff working that day, throw some extra green their way. Whether its New Years or Christmas Day, take advantage of these days to do your holiday spirit a solid.

DON’T TIP YOUR TRAVEL AGENT Your travel agent’s job is to create memorable experiences in transit for you. So tipping them extra doesn’t make as much sense, since most vacations are during the holidays anyway. A recommendation some make is to send more tangible gifts if you feel so inclined. Maybe a bottle of wine or a fruit basket, rather than a monetary reward.

Above all, the holidays are a time when we are supposed to celebrate. What ends up happening is that so many people get nervous about finances it can be more difficult to enjoy the festivus. So do your part, fight holiday stress with a good tip and not just good intentions.