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4 Tips for Wearing a Trench Coat

4 Tips for Wearing a Trench Coat: Photography by Satoshi/Prop Styling by Sonja Kroop

Photography by Satoshi/Prop Styling by Sonja Kroop

Some men fear the rain. Others face it bravely with foul-weather gear. We appreciate the modern marvels of Gore-Tex and other high-tech fabrics, but nothing tops the functional good looks of the trench coat, invented more than a century ago in England. It’s one of those essential wardrobe items that spans generations and styles: Bogart detective dashing, Quadrophenia mod cool, Say Anything slacker rebel. Today nearly every designer has a trench in his or her collection ready for your interpretation, from street-style chain Uniqlo’s $130 entry-level version to the iconic $1,295 Burberry London trench coat shown here.

This detail on the shoulder is a holdover from the trench coat’s military past: It was first designed for use by the British military.

How you secure your belt can be a style statement: Buckled is basic, knotted is natty, tied behind your back is traditionally cool.

The extra-wide lapel can be folded over and buttoned up to keep out wind and rain.

Burberry’s trademarked tartan pattern is often copied. The latest iteration is more elegant than imitations and incorporates a subtle red stripe.

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