Finally, there’s technology that exists that can not only record your conversations, but literally transcribe them for you.

The little round gadget called Titan Note promises to record conversations or lectures, transcribe it all into your smartphone, summarize the conversation and then even distinguish between who is talking. On top of that, it promises to translate those notes into other languages. And when all is said and done, will operate as a speaker when you want to chill with some music.

If that sounds like something you think you can already do with your smartphone’s voice-recording and note apps, you’d be wrong. The creators of Titan Note say that the speech recognition they’re packing into the device is significantly better.

“Titan Note is a game changer and there are no apps or devices that can compete with us,” they say on their Indigogo page. “When you only have an app, you are limited to the microphone in your phone. With Titan Note, we are using the latest technologies and we are placing the best microphones to record sound in 360°, meaning that you will get the best notes possible.”

Big words for a product that, as of writing this, had about $2,000 of their requested $35,000 promised to them by early adopters. They say that if everything goes according to plan, the device will ship next fall.

Part of the reason they say the device makes a difference is because of its microphone technology that can parse not only who is speaking but also deal with background noise, using what they call “cutting edge far field continuous speech recognition” along with “advanced voice biometrics.”

They say that those biometrics are based on 100 different characteristics, including behavioral things like cadence and pronunciation and physical qualities like vocal tract and resonance in nasal passages.