Just in time for that fun “May the Fourth Be With You” joke that somehow got twisted into “Buy Star Wars Stuff Day” in the last few years, publisher Electronic Arts announced yesterday it’s working on yet another Star Wars game.

And like most other big Star Wars projects, we know next to nothing about this one, too.

EA announced the new, untitled and completely undetailed game on its blog. The good news is that the team creating this new foray into Star Wars is Respawn Entertainment—the developers behind Titanfall, a very good multiplayer shooter that’s full of clever, extremely fun ideas.

In addition to making Titanfall, Respawn’s founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West, are two guys largely responsible for Call of Duty at developer Infinity Ward. They helmed the series all the way through the genre-shaking Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its follow up, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. (The pair left publisher Activision soon after and the whole affair was followed up with a very public courtroom drama.)

So putting Star Wars into the hands of Respawn almost certainly means another quality shooter of some kind. And since Titanfall is all about giant robots and their super-agile, wall-running, not-quite-flying-but-close pilots, it doesn’t seem too far out of the realm to hazard a guess: a Boba Fett game, maybe to go with that Boba Fett movie? Or along the giant robot lines, how about an AT-AT walker-driving game? Or maybe it’s something more on-the-ground and gritty, with fewer extra-special Jedi and bounty hunters, along the lines of Call of Duty and the upcoming film Rogue One.

But really, it could be anything. EA, which some time ago nabbed a contract with Disney to make a bunch of Star Wars video games, is turning out lots of Star Wars stuff and the blog post mentions the publisher is making games “spanning different genres.”

So maybe it’s not a shooter? EA already has one: Star Wars: Battlefront, from Battlefield developer DICE. Its studio BioWare has Star Wars: The Old Republic, a Warcraft-like massively multiplayer game that’s set thousands of years before any of the movies. There’s also Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a mobile game for iOS and Android. EA’s other Star Wars project is being made by Visceral Games, the studio behind the awesome space horror series Dead Space, and is pretty much an unknown, like this Respawn title.

The upshot of having absolutely no idea what now two future Star Wars titles will be about is that they’re at least being made by talented studios. Hopefully EA will have learned a few lessons from Battlefront by the time these two new games hit shelves—namely, take the time to finish the game before you sell it.