Players trying on their Super Mario Bros. designer skills with Mario Maker will find just about everything can be messed with—even the game’s title screen.

GameExplain made a quick video that just shows off the very first screen of Nintendo’s new Mario title, in which players can create their own bonkers Mario levels that include elements from most of the titles the mushroom-loving plumber has ever been in. Before you start the game proper, you can click around the title screen and make crazy stuff happen. As the video shows, there are (at least) 11 interactive Easter eggs you can discover if you take the time to explore.

The Mario Maker title screen is a callback to another famous Mario title with a similar set of nifty Easter eggs. You could do the same thing in 1992’s Super Nintendo drawing title, Mario Paint. In fact, GameExplain has a video of that, too.

Hopefully there are similar fun things scattered around inside Mario Maker as well—like the serial killer-looking Skinny Mario, who is maybe not an Easter egg, but is definitely ultra-creepy.