There’s a chocolate bar made with cacao so rare that it’ll cost you $260 to taste it.

Cacao, like wine, cheese and coffee, has nuanced flavors that vary according to the soil and the climate in which it was produced. To'ak single-origin chocolate bars use cacao that’s harvested from 120 year-old trees in an untouched stretch of Ecuador. The heirloom cacao is so unusual, To'ak’s founder, Jerry Toth, tells Modern Farmer, that foodies should savor the chocolate like they would a fine wine or bourbon. In fact, he predicts that in the next few years, “dark chocolate tasting will be something that people in the U.S. do.”


To'ak Chocolate

Each 50-ounce To'ak bar comes in an engraved hardwood box and with a 116-page information booklet and a pair of wooden tweezers for handling the rare goods. To'ak’s first release, known as Rain Harvest 2014, included 574 bars. As of today, 373 are still available. Buy a bar online for $260 here.

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