Seattle now has a second set of 2014 champions to celebrate. No, sorry Mariners fans, it’s not for baseball. Creators Eugene Woo, Samson Kwong, and Rocky Yeh at Seattle’s Tokyo Dog have won a much tastier accolade: the world record for the most expensive hot dog ever sold.

Retailing at a whopping $169, Juuni Ban is the most expensive hot dog in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Juuni Ban, by the way, is the number 12 in Japanese. It’s a foot-long hot dog composed of the most decadent list of ingredients ever put on a hot dog, with the price tag to prove it.

Tokyo Dog wouldn’t give an exact portions of how much of everything ends up in the finished product, but Woo said about a half ounce each of caviar and truffle goes on each foot-long. “If we break it down by ingredients,” he says, “it’s about $50-60.”

Here’s the breakdown of the market prices for the dog’s ingredients:

  • 12” Smoke Cheese Bratwurst, ($7.50/lb)
  • Butter Teriyaki Grilled Onions, ($1.50/lb)
  • Maitake Mushrooms, ($34.95/lb)
  • Wagyu Beef, ($50/lb)
  • Foie Gras, ($160/lb)
  • Shaved Black Truffles, ($400/lb)
  • Paddlefish Caviar ($640/lb)
  • Japanese Mayo ($56/lb)
  • Brioche Bun ($1/bun)

Woo says the Juuni Ban takes about ten minutes to craft, but has to be ordered about two weeks in advance. “We shop at multiple vendors around town to pick [the ingredients] up. It’s not a straightforward process for sure, very labor intensive.”

Oh, and they didn’t just slap a bunch of high-end ingredients on a ballpark frank to hit the numbers, either. There was taste testing and planning. “The hot dog initially took about three months to research and design,” says Woo. “We wanted it to be an amazing hot dog, not just a price.”

What you’re getting—in addition to a hefty Red Cross donation—is presentation. Woo says, “We want to really showcase it. It’s a really meaty hot dog, and savory. It has fabulous flavors—it’s an amazing hot dog.”

“This was an exciting experiment,” said Woo. “We may work on future products, something similar. Right now we’re just selling as we get requests.”

So far they’ve netted well over $1,000 in American Cross donations. They sold six hot dogs within the first weekend, and since it’s a pre-order item, there’s no danger of them running out during football season… since Seattle’s done with baseball for the year.