Tom Brady thinks Donald Trump is “amazing.”

That’s really all you need to know, but I have to hit a minimum word count before I get paid, so I’ll continue.

Brady’s favorable Trump-related comments came during an interview earlier this morning with the Dennis and Callahan radio show on WEEI Boston. The entire interview can be heard below:

“Honestly he’s a great friend,“ Brady said, adding that Trump has done some "amazing things.” And after watching this clip of the Celebrity Apprentice featuring Meatloaf screaming at Gary Busey, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

The questions regarding Trump came after reporters spotted a “Make America Great Again” hat in Brady’s locker that was similar to the hat worn by Trump at his campaign stops.

Brady explained that the two had been friends since 2002 when Brady judged one of Trump’s Miss USA Pageants. The swimsuit portion of that pageant can be seen below, and while Brady isn’t seen on camera, his T&A scores are on full display.

After the recent “Deflategate” ruling, Trump tweeted out a message in support of Brady, and sent the hat along (via Robert Kraft) as a show of support.

However, Brady sidestepped a question about whether or not he would actually vote for Trump. But given his record of sidestepping questions about all the other questionable sh*t he’s been accused of, I think it’s safe to say the answer is yes … unless Satan jumps into the race.

(Source: Yahoo!)