Photo Courtesy of Flickr / [Keith Allison](

Photo Courtesy of Flickr / Keith Allison

Tom Brady would like you to stop taking things he says seriously, please.

The New England Patriots quarterback said during an interview on Boston radio that his endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump was an overanalyzed “offhand comment.” Brady had made headlines for saying a couple weeks ago that a Trump presidency “would be great.”

The Patriots quarterback says he sympathizes with people who mistook his comment for a joke. “I understand why people do run with it because you get the clicks and that type of stuff,” he said on the Dennis & Callahan Show. “It’s just people doing their job. A comment like that, I try to have fun with certain things.”

He was just having fun, you guys. Of course, it was also reported that the four-time Super Bowl champion kept a hat in his locker emblazoned with Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great.”

But Brady says politics are not really his thing, so everyone can calm down: “Whatever I vote is going to be my own personal choice based on how I feel. I don’t even know what the issues are. I haven’t paid attention to politics in a long time. It’s actually not something that I really even enjoy. It’s way off my radar.”

Brady did admit that Trump is a “fun guy” who he’s spent a lot of time with.