Critics have been pummeling Tom Cruise’s new movie The Mummy, calling it the worst film he’s ever made. Though no one’s telling the actor to quit his day job just yet, James Corden wants to make sure Cruise has something to fall back on just in case Hollywood decides it’s had enough of him.

While appearing on one of the London episodes of The Late Late Show, Cruise was introduced to a business venture called “Tom’s Cruise,” an actual riverboat devoted entirely to Cruise’s illustrious career.

The segment began with Corden giving a perplexed Cruise a tour of the impressive digs, which come equipped with a Mission: Impossible-themed room, a Top Gun-themed room and of course, a NSFW Eyes Wide Shut room. We’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what goes on in there.

Once the guests boarded, an initially befuddled Cruise went into full “Tom Cruise” mode, turning on his legendary charm and delighting guests with his Cocktail-inspired bartending skills.

Whether it’s climbing the Burj Khalifa for a stunt or pandering to audiences on a talk show, there is no one in Hollywood who’s as game as Cruise. So when Corden pitched Cruise an idea that involved the two men recreating Cruise’s iconic Risky Business dance scene, you better believe Cruise was all in.

Perhaps that’s why Cruise endures as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, despite his personality quirks and the odd career misfire. Sometimes just showing up while being insanely charming and good-looking is half the battle.

Watch Tom Cruise and James Corden take a nostalgic trip down the river Thames below.