Most movie stars bring their spouses or significant others to their film premieres, and then there’s the occasional adorable instance of someone bringing their mom. Tom Hardy, in his quest to be the most irrepressibly adorable actor in the world, decided to bring his dog, Woody, to the premiere of his latest film, Legend.

Photo credit: © Jon Furniss / Corbis / Splash News

Photo credit: © Jon Furniss / Corbis / Splash News

Yes, while Hardy greeted fans, signed autographs, and posed for press photos, Woody was right there with him, apparently happy to sit quietly and regally as a thousand flashbulbs went off in his eyes. Hardy, a self-described “finder of dogs” who is always taking in strays, told Vulture last year that he came upon Woody while filming Lawless in Georgia.

“I found him with Jessica Chastain. We were in Atlanta, Georgia, doing Lawless, and he was in the motorway. We almost ran him over with a Prius. Imagine running him over with a Prius, of all things. [Laughs.] What would be worse: to be run over, or to be run over by a Prius? You know what I mean? [Laughs.] And he ran off into the motorway, and Jess was like, “No, no, no! You’ve got to go after him!” He was only 11 weeks old, and so we got hold of him and he became the on-set dog, and Jessica’s mom looked after him for me for about six months while he cleared quarantine, and then we brought him back to London, so he’s my dog now. He goes on all my film sets now. He’s a great on-set dog.”

So, if Hardy kept up his policy of keeping Woody on all of his sets, Woody was there for the making of Legend, so why shouldn’t he get a bit of the premiere spotlight?

Legend opens in the US on October 2.