We’re back from Thanksgiving break with another round of the biggest movie trailers of the week. Obviously, the biggest deal over the last few days has been Captain America: Civil War, but there’s plenty more to look forward to, including a showdown between Batman and Superman, Tom Hiddleston transforming into Hank Williams, and an Aaron Paul thriller that looks very gripping. Let’s get to it.

Tom Hiddleston digs deep into American country with this biopic, exploring the troubled life of the great Hank Williams as he lives through massive success, a troubled marriage, and some serious substance abuse issues. Hiddleston lost weight and went through some musical training for the role, and it really shows. Now we just have to see if the movie can live up to all the work he put in.

The second main trailer for Warner Bros.‘ first superhero team-up movie dropped this week and it basically gives the whole movie away. Seriously. We see the reason why these two feel the need to fight each other in the first place, thanks to the kooky Boxing Promoter Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg. We see them start to face off, we see Wonder Woman enter the picture and we even see what’s probably the setup for the film’s main fight scene—it involves a giant bone monster called Doomsday.
I love movies that can say a whole lot about a great many things through playing out a single focused scenario and this new thriller looks to be doing just that. Aaron Paul is a drone pilot, helping to spot a terrorist from his Nevada command station and listening to at least half a dozen higher-ups telling him what to do. Finally, he’s given an order but then he sees something that makes him doubt it. If it’s done right, this could be an awesome parable about the modern morality of war or it could be just another movie. We’ll have to wait and see, but for the moment Eye in the Sky really has my attention.
Garrett Hedlund goes to the desert on some kind of quest and ends up meeting creepy Devil Cowboy Oscar Isaac, who then sets out to ruin his life. Seems like the modern stalker thriller has been gaining steam over the last few years, and I haven’t honestly been that intrigued by most of them…but Isaac’s entire look and sound over the course of this trailer makes me want to see Mojave.
In what will hopefully be the latest addition to the Keanussance, Keanu Reeves stars as a cop trying to find out what really happened to his dead partner. What he finds is a web of corruption, violence, and secrets that threatens his career and his life. It could end up being The Wire-light, but Reeves is hot right now, and I’m hoping his streak continues.
This is the “international trailer,” meaning it’s very similar to the trailers we’ve already seen, but with a little extra footage thrown in. What’s new isn’t much, but I don’t care. I just wanted to watch Will Ferrell scream about his latte again.