Tom Hiddleston is well-known for his impressions, so it makes sense that filmmakers would cast him as real historical figures. He’s already played F. Scott Fitzgerald for Woody Allen, and this fall we’ll see him as the legendary Hank Williams in Marc Abraham’s (Flash of Genius) biopic I Saw the Light. The film will chronicle the rise of Williams as a country star, and his tragic early death, and we’ve been waiting for months to see a bit of it.

Well, today Hiddleston released the first clip on Twitter, and just as we hoped, it features him singing a Williams classic, “Move It On Over.”

Interestingly, Hiddleston doesn’t sound all that much like Williams (though the twang is definitely there), but maybe that’s a good thing. You never want the performance to just feel like an extended SNL impression, so perhaps Hiddleston’s going for more of an interpretation of Williams, much as Meryl Streep did with Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher. For comparison, here’s Williams himself:

I Saw the Light premieres this week at the Toronto Film Festival before hitting theaters in November.