Another week, another round of intriguing movie trailers, and while we’re all still in a Batman v Superman-induced haze, it turns out most of the films we’re looking at this week are on the small side. We’ve got the latest from Richard Linklater, a comedy that looks absolutely insane and a couple of intriguing thrillers. We didn’t leave blockbuster territory completely behind, though: We also got a new look at Warcraft.

Check out some of the best trailers of the week below.

The legendary Richard Linklater returns to his tales of partying and nostalgia with this, his spiritual successor to the classic Dazed and Confused. This time, the partying takes place in college, but that old Linklater magic is still there, and the critical response proves it. We seem to be looking at another classic.

Video game movies have a checkered history in Hollywood, and the genre has delivered more than a few flops (I see you, Prince of Persia), but Warcraft looks poised to be a full-on event. Director Duncan Jones (Moon) is pouring every ounce of visual inventiveness he has into this one, but perhaps most importantly, he’s not shying away from the aesthetic that made this one of the most popular franchises in the world.

Nearly three years ago, The Conjuring became a runaway horror hit, setting the stage for a new franchise centered on the paranormal adventures of real-life investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The inevitable sequel sees the couple traveling to England, where more supernatural threats await. I don’t know if anything in this movie can eclipse the “clapping game” scene from the first film, but returning director James Wan will certainly do his best.

Silicon Valley co-stars Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller team up with a group of comedy heavy-hitters for a film that, if this trailer is accurate, could make The Hangover look like child’s play. Basically, a guy (Middleditch) leaves his fiance at the altar, then decides he has to go to the Mexican resort where she’s staying and win her back. In the process, he ends up naked, alone and covered in cocaine. It seems to only get weirder from there.

Aesthetically, this film looks mostly like an homage to classic ‘70s noir pictures like The Long Goodbye and The French Connection, but there’s a twist: The key to the whole story is apparently a secret teleportation mission built by Nikola Tesla and then tucked away by the U.S. government. That’s all you need to hook me.

This is not the kind of movie we usually cover here, but I’m tacking it on at the end of the list this week because I’m a sucker for unconventional romantic comedies, and this one—about a woman with Aspergers Syndrome (Lousia Krause) who just wants to have a relationship—certainly seems to be that. As someone who refracts much of his own life through pop culture in an effort to make sense of the world, I’m very intrigued.