This week Tony the Tiger — anthropomorphic, possibly immortal mascot of Frosted Flakes — posted a tweet that might’ve befuddled cereal enthusiasts. It was the politest way, and likely the only time, I’ve ever seen someone, a cartoon character no less, have to publicly ask furries to stop hitting them up with animal-themed porn and solicitations for sex.

For a good while, it seems, Tony the Tiger has been lusted after like crazy by the furry community. Some pursuits have been more poetic than you’d think.

Others have been exactly what you’ve come to expect from the Internet.

And they haven’t exactly slowed down since the request.

To some degree, I get it. As a kid, I crushed hard on Gadget from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, but I soon grew out of it—my love for her specifically, not ambitious, intelligent, and physically capable women. I mean, when I discovered that Santa didn’t exist, the blend of reality and fantasty separated pretty hard (along with my sanity for one long, confusing summer).

So either these furies still think Santa exists, are just killing time online in the most obnoxious way possible because obviously, or they’re after that age-old euphoric goal of pursuing someone you absolutely totally cannot have.