1. Firefighter’s Battle Axe
The Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe by Lansky ($87, lansky.com) includes a steel ax head, a pry bar and a handle insulated for up to 10,000 volts.

2. Mo-Tools Wood Inlay Axe
The red oak handle and steel body of the Mo-Tools Wood Inlay Axe ($50, brookand hunter.com) hide knives, pliers, wire cutters and more.

3. Leatherman’s Z-Rex
Your car just splashed down in a lake. Luckily Leatherman’s Z-Rex ($26, leatherman .com) includes a seat-belt cutter and a glass breaker.

4. FK250 Screwdriver
Irwin’s FK250 ($16, irwin.com) features a locking blade, a one-inch screwdriver bit and a built-in wire stripper.

5. Guppie
The compact Guppie by CRKT ($40, crkt.com) packs in a half-inch wrench, a steel blade, an LED, a bit carrier, a money clip and a bottle opener.

6. Lock Jaws
Concave jaws lined with teeth help VamPliers ($35, vampiretools.com) remove stripped and rusted screws.

7. Gerber MP1
Loaded with 12 components, ranging from a serrated blade to a bit driver, Gerber’s MP1 ($115, gerbergear.com) does it all.