Tired of celebrating 4/20 by taking bong rips alone in your apartment? Do you wish you had that special someone you could get high and have awkward, over-thinking sex with? Well pack your shit and load up the U-haul, because if you’re still smoking alone, you’re probably not living in one of the top ten cities for single stoners.

Dating website whatsyourprice surveyed 90,000 Americans to find out their stance on whether or on they’d date stoners. Here are the top 10 cities for stoner singles:

The site then ranked the top 10 cities where singles were most open to dating a person who appreciated a bit of bud. Rankings are based on the percentage of respondents who were in favor of dating a person who smokes marijuana. Results reveal America’s top “420 Friendly Cities.” Top 420 Friendly Cities:

  1. Portland – 93%
  2. New York – 90%
  3. Las Vegas – 87%
  4. Denver – 86%
  5. San Francisco – 83%
  6. Seattle – 79%
  7. Los Angeles – 73%
  8. Miami – 68%
  9. Chicago – 64%
  10. Boston – 62%

According to results of the survey, Portlanders were quite blunt about their acceptance of a partner who smokes weed, with 93 percent of respondents from the city claiming the habit is not a dating deal breaker.

Sorry, but if you live in the South and want to find some like-minded love, you might want to consider to moving to either coast.

So let’s spark up and smoke some weed to finding the perfect cannabis cuddle buddy: