The NBA seems to have a hold on the highlight market - nothing quite compares to a monster slam dunk. Unfortunately for them, in most of these dunks there is a victim and their feelings and pride were probably hurt. But luckily for us, we aren’t the victim and get to enjoy these YouTube videos all the same. Popcorn not included.

10. Evan Turner Steal Turns Into a Fast-break 360

This is what every player dreams of doing on a lonely fast-break.

9. The Amazing Levitating Trevor Booker

Once Booker actually gets the screen set, he takes flight and hammers it home.

8. Porzingis Does It Again

This is what your coach meant when they told you to box-out at the last timeout. If you don’t, you might get some testes on your back and put on a Top 10 highlight reel.

7. Kawhi Santa Leonard Coming Down The Chimney On Mason Plumlee

Plumlee should’ve just left him milk and cookies and stayed in bed.

6. K. Leonard Vs. M. Plumlee Round 2

Plumlee tries his best to avoid the Top 10, but his best is just not enough. Here he lies, once again.

5. A. Gordon Last Second Follow Dunk On Beal

Probably wasn’t how coach drew up the last second play, but he should take credit anyway.

4. Wiggins Pogos Up and Over Millsap

When the guy has pogo-sticks for legs, you might just want to get out of the way.

3. H. Barnes Vs. D. Howard

Howard’s thoughts: “Bout to beat it up. Damn he’s coming fast. Shit.”
Barnes’s thoughts: :)

2. Julius Rec Specs Randle Vs. Faried

When someone jams on you AND is wearing Rec Specs, life contemplation might be necessary.

1. DeRozan Met By Gobert At The Rim

DeRozan is way too calm after rattling the rim on and over Rudy Gobert.

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