After three decades, Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are still feeling the need for speed.

Talk of a sequel to Top Gun, the film that made Cruise a global superstar, has been around almost as long as the film itself. We’ve been hearing for years that Cruise and Bruckheimer want to make the film, and there have even been whispers of a script floating around. Top Gun 2 has felt a bit like a pipe dream for years, but now Bruckheimer’s making it feel a little more real.

According to Deadline, Bruckheimer and Cruise met up while Cruise was filming the Jack Reacher sequel over the weekend to discuss a potential plot for the sequel. The same report also cites an unnamed source who says the film is “closer now to becoming real than it’s been in 30 years.” Exactly how much closer isn’t clear, but hey, it’s the most optimistic thing we’ve heard on the subject in a long time.

As for what exactly the plot might be, well, we don’t know for sure, but producer David Ellison said last year that it could focus on the relationship between fighter pilots and the rise of drone warfare, which actually sounds like a fascinating idea. Just a few months ago we got Creed, a movie about a generational passing of the torch that grew out of an old franchise, and it was great. Top Gun 2 could do the same thing, exploring how Maverick and Iceman are still relevant (if they are at all) in a world where pilots flying actual planes makes less and less sense in the grand scheme of war. Throw in a bit of meta-fictional commentary about whether or not Top Gun still matters to pop culture, and you’ve got a fun movie.

Just make sure Maverick has a tattoo memorializing Goose.