The puck drops tonight for the 2014-15 NHL season as all 30 teams vie for a chance to win the Stanley Cup. (Well, maybe not Buffalo.) Whether you’re a Canadian who grew up with the game or an American jumping on the bandwagon late, here’s your guide to the most important Twitter accounts every NHL fan should follow.

1. Paul Bissonnette

Although he’s never put up All-Star figure numbers during his career, Bissonnette’s earned the Hart Trophy (the NHL’s MVP award) for Twitter. He’s currently an unsigned free agent, meaning he can spend more time entertaining his online fans as the season begins.

2. Dave Lozo

Lozo’s the lead NHL writer for Bleacher Report. Not only is he a great source for hockey news and analysis, he’s also really funny. And he tweets about all sports, meaning he’ll entertain you all year long.

3. Sean McIndoe

McIndoe covers hockey both on his own website and for Grantland. Besides mocking Alexander Ovechkin, he also produces some of the best hockey analysis you’ll find.

4. George Parros

The self-proclaimed “Minister of Moustachery,” Parros earned a reputation as a brutal enforcer on-ice and won a Stanley Cup with the 2007 Anaheim Ducks. Thanks to Twitter, his off-ice persona’s gaining attention as well. Worth a follow for the epic facial hair alone.

5. Greg Wyshynski

Wyshynski operates the popular Puck Daddy blog for Yahoo. Almost no one finds NHL scoops than him. For any true fan of the game, he’s a must-follow.

6. Ryan Whitney

Whitney was a major contributor to the mid-2000s Pittsburgh Penguins and earned a spot on the 2010 US Olympic Team that won a Silver Medal in Vancouver. He previously blogged about his playing career but now that he’s unsigned, you’ll have to settle for his hilarious tweets.

7. Barry Petchesky

Petchesky covers the NHL for Deadspin. Like most of their writers, he combines an incredible knowledge of the game with a great sense of humor you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Andrew Shaw

Shaw grabbed the social media spotlight after the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals when he posted this picture after getting hit in the face with a puck. Even though he’s one of the young stars on a talented Chicago Blackhawks team, he still loves showing off his busted mug.

9. Alexander Ovechkin

He’s one of the most talented (and divisive) players in the NHL, and also one of the most incoherent Tweeters. For someone who has played professional hockey in the United States (in Washington D.C. no less) since 2005, it’s almost remarkable how little english he’s picked up.

10. Los Angeles Kings

Of all the official NHL team Twitter Accounts, the Kings are the champions. They confront trolls, initiate bets with other teams and display a sense of humor you won’t find in any other front office, especially Buffalo. Sorry Sabres fans, you guys just aren’t good.

Joseph Misulonas is an intern at He can be found arguing about the Chicago Blackhawks fourth line forwards on Twitter at @jmisulonas.