If you’re like me, then you grew up with the Matthews family. In seven beautiful seasons, you watching Corey grow up from a goofy little kid causing mischief in school to a goofy young adult causing mischief at college. The one constant in his life was Topanga. I always wondered how such a weird kid could land such a hot girl. I mean, if you recall, Corey’s best friend Shawn Hunter was always the ladies man, getting all girls. It was just a little surprising that by far the hottest girl in school would go for Corey Matthews.

Regardless, the story of Corey and Topanga was one of the classic 20th century love tales. I was only five years old when the show started and 12 by the time it ended, so my formative years were spent watching Topanga grow into a beautiful young woman. However, after the show went off the air, Topanga was nowhere to be found. Neither was the actress who portrayed her, Danielle Fishel. According to her IMDB page, she did a couple of TV series and some voice-over work, but nothing substantial after the show went off the air. That is, until the re-boot ‘Girl Meets World’ was brought to Disney Channel and she got to reprise her old role, this time as Topanga Matthews.

Luckily, Danielle can also be found on her Instagram page. Never leave us again, Topanga.

With @riderstrong and my favorite photo bomb ever.

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