As one commenter put it, “There is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest bears and the stupidest tourists.”

Earlier this week, a tourist’s feedback form from Yellowstone National Park was posted on Reddit. In the “Concern” section, the tourist thanks the park employees for a wonderful stay. However, she laments the fact that she didn’t see any bears, which although outside of anyone’s control, is an understandable frustration.

However, the note goes on to suggest that the staff “train” the bears “to be where guests can see them.”

Via Imgur.

Via Imgur.

And that right there is why SeaWorld will never go out of business.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this note was left by some smart-ass kid who was pissed about having to look at nature instead of his smartphone. Or maybe it was a fake altogether. But this is the Internet, so it doesn’t matter. Just share it on your social media and move on.

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