Fallout 4 is a huge game, and hidden within all those burned-out buildings and Raider camps are special “legendary” weapons and items that can give you a serious edge—if you can find them.

Luckily, one enterprising fan made it a whole lot easier to make sure you’re getting all of Fallout 4’s coolest gear. Reddit user DisneyLines put together a site called Fallout Tracker, which helps you find all the cool stuff by making it possible to check off the items you’ve got and get the locations of the ones you don’t. There are even quick videos to show you exactly where to look.

The site is broken into three categories: Bobbleheads, which give you permanent base stat boosts or special “perks” that make you better at things like hacking or using certain guns; magazines, which permanently improve your stats in certain areas like sneaking or fighting; and unique weapons, all of which carry special traits that make them better than your average pistols and rifles. It was obviously a huge undertaking to create and DisneyLines promises to add even more collectibles to the site, but right now Fallout Tracker will make your life in the wasteland infinitely better. If only the game’s residents had something similar for their own shitty lives.