Display your state drinking pride with a Beer Cap Map.

Made in Wisconsin, these huge wooden maps contain dozens of cap-sized holes for securing and displaying bottle caps, preferably castoffs from your locally brewed beer. Each map is cut from veneered plywood, sealed and comes ready to hang on the wall of your home bar.



The company currently sells a few international maps (New Zealand and Germany), a continental U.S. map and 26 different states including beer biggies Texas, California and New Jersey. All 50 states should be available by May 1. But don’t throw your bottle cap bucket out yet: There is really no reasoning behind how many holes are cut into each map, so if you hit all of the breweries in Germany, for example, you will definitely run out of storage holes for your caps.

Buy a map on BeerCapMaps.com starting at $18.

(via CoolMaterial)

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