Video games are great for providing crazy, totally impossible driving experiences, but none is quite so ludicrous as what’s provided in the TrackMania series.

The series is known for its track creator mode, in which you can slap together all sorts of gravity defying nonsense. There’s a ton of insane tracks littering Reddit, and the latest edition of the game promises to be even more ridiculous. Because it lets you design rollercoasters—that you drive on.

TrackMania Turbo this week hits Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One, the first Trackmania title to make it to consoles since 2009. It packs something like 200 tracks across a bunch of different locales, but the best part is, as in Super Mario Maker, trying to design some torture pit of a track and then watching other people try to race on it. You can slap together your own raceways and upload them to the internet, challenge your friends on them, or just race other people—up to 100 other people.

Turbo also packs support for virtual reality, which looks like a seizure waiting to happen, but in a good way. Hopefully.