If you haven’t been watching American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, then you’re missing out on the best show on television. Every performance on the show is amazing, including John Travolta’s ridiculous take on Robert Shapiro. It’s pretty amazing.

Last night, ACS showed the drama surround the trial jury. The men and women on the jury were sequestered (meaning kept in a hotel and given little contact to the outside world) for 265 days. It is still the longest a jury has ever sequestered, beating the previous record of 225 days set during the Charles Manson trial. Here’s a teaser for the episode:

Like the entire season of ACS, the show gets some facts 100 percent right and some get exaggerated. But there was one fact they omitted all together. What was it?

One of the jurors eventually posed for Playboy.

Tracy Hampton was dismissed as a juror four months into the O.J. Simpson trial. On the show, she’s shown having a mental breakdown at breakfast, which didn’t happen. Judge Ito allowed her to leave the jury because it was incredibly stressful. Unfortunately, the media harrassed her after her dismissal and she ended up suffering an anxiety attack one day after leaving the jury.

O.J. was acquitted in October 1995 and in March 1996 Tracy appeared within the pages of Playboy magazine. We only have a few of the images available from her pictorial.

In the meantime, you should start watching ACS because it’s one of the most well-done television shows you’ll see this year.

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