This time last year, we weren’t sure that we’d ever see Tracy Morgan do comedy again. In June of 2014, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and 30 Rock star suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash that also killed his friend, comedian James McNair. Morgan’s been recovering ever since, but the future of his career has been uncertain. Now, we finally know that he’s returning to the stage, and it’s the stage that made him a star.

Saturday Night Live announced today that Morgan will be one of the first three hosts for the show’s 41st season, which kicks off October 3 with host Miley Cyrus. Trainwreck star Amy Schumer will host on October 10, and then Morgan will take the stage on October 17.

All three announcements are exciting. Cyrus has proved a very capable host already, and Schumer’s a comedy dynamo who could flourish in the SNL format, but Morgan’s return is particularly special. A year ago, we weren’t sure he would ever do stand-up again, let alone attempt the weeklong gauntlet that is SNL. It’s great to hear that he’s back, and we’re also looking forward to the triumphant return of characters like Astronaut Jones and Brian Fellow.

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