On Sunday, the pilot of this small plane was forced to make a decision no one should have to make: die in a fiery plane crash or land in New Jersey.

Ultimately, he chose the latter, and made a ridiculous landing on Route 72 near Stafford Township, N.J. And luckily for the Internet, the entire ordeal was captured on traffic cameras.

A single-engine Cessna owned by the Skydive East Coast skydiving school experienced engine failure at 4,000 feet. With time running out, the pilot made a quick decision, and decided to use the highway as a runway. YIKES. The plane was seen weaving around power lines, and smashing into street signs.

The Stafford Township Police Department posted the footage on their Facebook page, and it’s been making the rounds on the web ever since. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in the incident, and somehow no cars were damaged.

(H/T: BroBible, Source: Uproxx)