Netflix is all about taking risks, and the greater freedom from the studio system is affording them some interesting opportunities. Here, iBoy seems to be a more grounded super hero flick.

iBoy is set in a shadowy and existential London, a rather gloomy setting for a superhero movie. The main character, Tom, gets in an altercation where some pieces of his phone get embedded in his brain. This has strange side effects, most notably some sort of technokinesis—the psychic ability to manipulate technology. Think Google Glass, but way more socially acceptable.

Maisie Williams of Game Of Thrones fame plays the love interest. Her character possesses some sort of link to the criminal element of the story, but the trailer doesn’t indicate how. Tom can’t be too mad that she was the person who brought him to the place he got shot; he’s basically super hero Siri, so it seems like a fair shake.

iBoy will be available on Netflix globally from January 27.