A good prestige crime drama never goes out of style, as various cable and streaming platforms have been proving ever since Breaking Bad started to really turn heads. Often the allure of the crime drama grows even stronger when you can consistently blend in humor, a formula that’s given us gems like Fargo and Better Call Saul. Now, after scoring hits with deadly serious shows like Narcos and Bloodline, Netflix is taking the dark comedy route with Shimmer Lake.

Here’s the setup: A small town sheriff (Benjamin Walker) has to track down three small time crooks after a bank robbery with a very messy aftermath. Complicating matters: one of the robbers (Rainn Wilson) is his brother. That’s a classic crime setup but it’s not the only hook. In addition to the intriguing prospect of seeing the beloved Wilson try his hand at villainy, the show will unfold its tale in reverse. So all you Memento (and Irréversible) fans, take note.

The footage itself may not have the tonal or geographic specificity of Fargo (which is probably the best crime show running right now), but it does have lots of charm. There are little moments peppered throughout, from bungling robbers to bungling cops, that ring very true to real life intruding on the best laid plans. If the series itself flows as well as this trailer, this could very quickly become a summer streaming addiction.

Shimmer Lake arrives June 9.