Over the course of a feature film career that’s now in its 50th year, Woody Allen has developed a few well-known quirks as a storyteller. They enter pop culture through his masterpieces like Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Hannah and Her Sisters, but they’re often omnipresent even in his lesser works.

The trailer for Allen’s next film, Irrational Man, just hit, and it’s chock full of such quirks. There’s the neurotic intellectual looking for a new purpose in life (Joaquin Phoenix); the young, exciting intellectual who will give him that purpose (Emma Stone); and the unpredictable woman who will no doubt throw a wrench into everyone’s plans (Parker Posey). There’s also the plight of a struggling writer, people having serious discussions in picturesque situations, and of course, a jazz soundtrack.

Based on this trailer alone, Irrational Man — premiering at Cannes next month before a release in the U.S. on July 17 — could turn out to be the Most Woody Allen Movie Ever Made.