Trevor Noah might be looking to ditch his cushy Daily Show digs in favor of a job as a high-powered ad executive on Madison Avenue. On Wednesday’s show, the late night host attempted to sift through the debris of Kendall Jenner’s disastrous Pepsi commercial, by offering up suggestions on how other brands can “become more woke.”

According to Noah, Coca Cola should use their iconic polar bears to “address global warming,” and the next Mr. Cean spot should feature more than their buff mascot shining countertops. “Let’s have a wedding for Mr. and Mr. Clean,” he argued.

Noah didn’t stop there. What better way to advertise transportation than by sticking Rosa Parks in the back of an Uber? Or, how about enlisting Nelson Mandela to help solve apartheid with the one cookie that unites us all: Oreos.

Don Draper, eat your heart out.