It’s been said that revenge is a dish best-served cold, but to Kat Thek, a brooklyn-based, self taught baker, it’s better served atop a thick layer of frosting. Thek is the mastermind behind the self-identified and first-of-its-kind “bakery and detective agency” who’s made it her mission to turn internet trolls’ unsavory comments into sweet confections of your choosing.

The process is simple. Send over an internet comment and they’ll make a rather pedestrian-looking cake with the words front and center, then place it in a box with a screenshot of your comment along with the message: “Congratulations! Your internet comment has been made into a ‘chocolate chip brownie’ Troll Cake" to your troll’s doorstep.

If you’re wondering where the detective agency part comes in, Troll Cakes promises to track the troll’s home address down and send the hand-crafted cake straight to their place for a fee of $60. A custom troll cake without the detective work retails for $25.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Thek said she won’t accept every case that comes her way.

“If it’s a troll who seems more bite than bark, I’ll still take the case but that comment better look pretty hilarious on a cake.”

While the business primarily tackles trolls, Thek admits some of her favorite confections are sent between friends.

"Troll Cakes work both ways — you can send a cake to a troll or you can troll your friends with a cake,” she tells Cosmopolitan.

Troll Cakes was borne from rude comments Thek spotted on Dolly Parton’s Facebook page, which led to an epiphany on internet culture.

“Troll comments aren’t about the person they’re directed at — they’re more of a bizarre power move from somebody who wants to have the last word in an imaginary argument,” she tells Cosmo. “I just want us to be on the same page that anything you say on the internet can show up at your house on a cake.”

As part of their grand opening, Troll Cakes is offering a “Tiny Hands” special, where, for just $20, you can send the President your very own Troll Cake scribed with your favorite Trump tweet. May I suggest this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or any of these:

Hell, pick from any of them. Let’s just hope he likes cake.

If you’re interested in sending some jerk a Troll Cake, you can head over to Troll Cakes official website.